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Sep 4, 2010 6:15pm EDT
russians, and some south korean academics and others to the evidence presented by the international committee. it sounds like you do not. do any of you take that seriously? whether you do or do not, how do you answer those who say the evidence was inadequate to make the conclusion? >> bob, can you make a comment? >> the first thing i would say is, if not north korea, who? i know there is a lot of conspiracy theory out there, particularly in south korea. they may have the highest percentage of conspiracy theorists' per capita in the world. [laughter] some of these are quite ridiculous. one theory is that the united states and how did this to shape japan's basing policy for the u.s. marines there. there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. if we took this to the courts -- that is the only way we could do it without eyewitnesses. that is the crux of many of these complaints. if you have no eyewitness, how can you be sure? in this case, we really do not need to have an eyewitness. if we just look at history for 50 years and the number of who else has conducted -- of provocations that ha
Sep 3, 2010 7:00pm PDT
of the infection. >>> naval forces from south korea and the united states will start their second round of joint exercises off the korean peninsula next week and at the same time china is also planning a drill of its own in an apparent show of defiance. south korean defense ministry officials said on friday the five-day anti-submarine drills will start on sunday west of the korean peninsula in the yellow sea where a south korean war ship sank in march. south korea's government has blame the incident on a north korea torpedo attack. south korea's joint chiefs of staff say it sends a clear message of deterrence to north korea's leaders. the maneuvs are will involve about 1,700 u.s. and south korean sailors. south korea will send four ships and a submarine to take part in the drills, while the u.s. is sending a ship and submarine. china's government announced its military plans to stage live ammunition exercises in the yellow sea from wednesday to saturday next week. but in an apparent effort to allay china's fears, the u.s. will not send a nuclear powered aircraft carrier to participate in this we
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm PDT
korea has released the crew members of a south korean fishing boat captured for alleged illegal fishing one month ago. the boat was handed over at the sea boundary between north and south korea on tuesday and arrived at the port of sokcho later in the day. the three south korean and four chinese fishing workers were brought safely to the port. the captain said they were able to return home thanks to the support of the south korean people. north korea says they were freed on humanitarian grounds. but after the announcement of the release, the north requested rice aid from south korea to help north koreans hit by floods last month. political analysts say that more south koreans may urge their government to give food aid following the release of the fishing crew. south korea maintains that it will not supply rice, saying they cannot be sure the aid will actually reach the affected people. >>> inaustraa, primeinisr julia guillard is now certain to stay in power. two independent lawmakers announced her to stay in the party enabling her to follow the inconclusive general election last month.
Sep 26, 2010 8:00pm EDT
&a, is a bell wilkerson talks about her book detailing in the south between 1915 and 1917. it is called the called "the warmth of other suns". >> isabel wilkerson, author of "the warmth of other suns", the you remember the moment that you thought about doing this? >> cannot say what the moment was because i have been living it all my life. my parents migrated from the south to washington d.c., my mother from georgia, my father from southern virginia. they met in washington and married and had me. without the great migration, i would not be here. i have lived with all my life. i grew up with people from north carolina, south carolina, georgia, all around me. i was surrounded by the language, the food, the music, the ambitions of the people who migrated from the south. they argue about whose child would go to which school. it has been with me all this time. when it comes to the actual writing of a book, it probably writing of a book, it probably started after i got out and have been a reporter for "the new york times" talk to people. i was the chicago bureau chief for the "the new york ti
Sep 27, 2010 4:00pm EDT
. we have the bands from the south and moving to the north. they'll continue to move our way. and there's more to the south and we'll take you in on a few areas and we'll show you where we're dealing with this thousand. and a little bit in carroll county, that's making its way to the north and lighter rain at this point. that's going to change. you can see the heavier rain and that's moving to the north and we have more where that came from. we have flood warnings because of this. where we've seen the heaviest rain so far, you can see montgomery and carroll county and baltimore county and these are for say ring times through 4:50 through 4:40. this is throughout the overnight and into tomorrow. veal the forecast coming up. >>> thank you, and stay with wjz-13 for first warning weather coverage. as we mentioned, remember, wjz- 13 is always on. go to for more at any time. >> >> and three are recovering at shock trauma after an accident on route 50 that may have been the result of slick roads. we're over the scene on westbound 50. two box trucks were involved in the crash and three
Sep 10, 2010 7:00pm PDT
obligation in many u.s. states, south korea and hong kong. >> thanks very much. >>> nhk reporter. >>> a japanese bank that mainly lends to filed for bankruptcy on friday. the failure will lead to the first implementation of a law that caps government guarantees on deposit paybacks. the ceiling is set at just below $120,000 for each deposit holder. >> the incubator bank of japan is now in the process of liquidation. debts are expected to exceed assets more than $2 billion. loans that cannot be paid back by borrowers weighed down on the bank's finances. the former chairman was arrested in july for allegedly obstructing an audit by the financial authorities. the investigation lead to a complete review of the bank's books, and resulted in the discovery of its huge debt. the cap on the deposit guarantees went into effect five years ago, but so far no cases of paybacks have occurred. incue banker bank customers will become some of the first ones to lose principal and interest if they exeed the limit. to prepare for refunds the bank will operate at 16 of its branches on monday. >>> let'
Sep 25, 2010 12:30pm PDT
, it will be visible along the north and south running streets, like at first and freemont. it will be an aluminous gem, helping to orient people in the city. what you see here are the connection that we have. across the breadth of the entire building, there will be multiple points of connection. we will have the grand hall, mission square, a natomas street, night. -- promenade. in the center of it all, you see the light column, which is a dramatic sculpture-steel structure rising up from the lower concourse to the park above, and topped by a large glass skyline. not only will it support the transit center, but it will draw on natural light into space below. as the light colorado passes through the floors, it connects to an reveals the various program elements above and below the station. it consequently becomes the organizing device and waistline of the new station, giving passengers an intuitive sense of the centers organization. you see here the concourse level retail promenade. the allied column drawing natural light and bringing people together. additionally, if you stand underneath that light col
Sep 27, 2010 5:30pm EDT
the rain that is going to continue to ride up from tte south and we are not done with the rain byyany means through the overnight.. prrblem is that we have saturateddground until 8:00 a.m. tooorrow morning as we have the potential of heavy amounts of rainfall overnight tonight and into tomorrow. noo how much have we seen o far. inch around baltimore. a little over 2 and quarter inches and 3 quarters nch innhagersttwn depending on where you are. some folk heavv amount than other areas. projected model on the future scan. the rain from last night into today anywhere from 2 and 3 quurters inch potentially around the baltimore area so there's a real problem especially along the urban areas downnown around the centtal portton of the city as we haae that heavy rainfall with the ground being saturaaed water kind of sits on top of that rain and has aa% ground when it becomest the saturated. that is going to be a problem we have to definitely be concerned witt% as the rain continues to move look and show you where thesee rain is right now and how long it sticks around coming up. >> when sto
Sep 4, 2010 2:00pm EDT
people never want to admit that a million south vietnamese fled in boats because they didn't want to live under the north communists. there will be a real cost to giving up in afghanistan. i do not see how we can possibly prevail with the government that is as corrupt and inefficient as karzai's just as we could not prevail in vietnam with a government that was corrupt and inefficient. host: president johnson you write had knowledge about things and allowed the american people to essentially be misled. guest: that's true. his first instinct on the gulf of takin was to downplay it. he was talking to the former secretary of treasury under eisenhower, a very influential man, anderson. johnson told him he kind of provoked, there have been some south vietnamese raised on the north, and the north suspected that our ships might be supporting those rides, and so they had some excuse for attacking our ship. then anderson said just like judge morrison had said way back earlier that year, anderson said, but goldwater will acrossify you if you don't seem to stand up to the north vietnamese. johnson t
Sep 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
from south to north mid-afternoon to this evening. heavier rain arrives by tomorrow morning. right now, let's get you to work on time, here's kim brown with a check on traffic. >> you can get to work and school on time, traffic is off to a lovely start. we don't have a whole lot of volume right now, in addition to, that really no problems, we do have one utility incident, brooklyn park, blocking the right lane on the southbound side of richie highway at 4th avenue. traffic is able to get by without issues to the left. as we check our drive times, no delays on the 95 corridor. up to 395. 29 looks good through howard county. i-70 and route 32. on the southwest side of the beltway, traffic flows freely from i-70 to 95. as we check our cameras around the area, anne arundel county, northbound looks good towards 695, baltimore beltway. megan, back to you. >> thanks, kim. >>> a minute after 6:00 right now, an anne arundel county police officer says he was just doing his job, but a father in pasadena says he did so much more. we have more on a cop who saved a 4-year-old girl. >> the girl's dad
Sep 6, 2010 6:00pm EDT
? we are the bonzulak family from wyckoff, new jersey. south carolina's made for vacation. woman: i had no idea south carolina had mountains like this. woman #2: my kids just love the water. woman #3: south carolina is made for the beach. south carolina is made for golfing. and shopping. boy: south carolina is made for everything. i just... yeah...everything. woman: south carolina is made for doing absolutely nothing. we're the shank family. [ cheering ] girl: south carolina is made for whatever i want to do. i don't even have to listen to my parents. nope. all: south carolina is made for girlfriend getaways. woman: finding seashells, building sandcastles... man: and the great outdoors. girl: south carolina is made for vacation. i mean a real, real vacation. a vacation here is... boating! golfing! shopping! awesome attractions! fishing! hiking! arts and entertainment! night life! yummy food! one-of-a-kind experiences. visit they'll hook you up with a great vacation. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you'r
Sep 2, 2010 9:00pm EDT
the rain bands just yet. they are literally just to the south. currently earl is 160 miles -- the center of earl 160 miles south of us right now. 625 miles southeast of nantucket, massachusetts. right now you, as you mentioned, 110-mile-per-hour winds. for a hurricane, that's a pretty quick clip. we are watching this move rather rapidly. we expect by 3:00 this morning, it should be parallel to the outer banks. we don't expect it to make landfall. right now it's moving north. the latest look at the satellite shows a wobble to the east. we've had a wobble to the west. we're going to be keeping an eye on this. we don't expect necessarily there to be landfall per se. however, when you consider that hurricane-force winds extend out 70 miles from the center of earl and tropical-force winds 205 miles from the center, you don't have to have landfall to get the direction action. storm surge will be a factor. three to five feet above normal. that will happen at high tide. we can expect some coastal flooding. beach erosion a problem. rainfall, 4 to 6 inches generally in some areas and locally might
Sep 27, 2010 6:00am EDT
? >> i can't say the moment because i have been living it all my life. my parents migrated from the south to virginia. they met and married there and had me. i was surrounded by the language, the food, the music, the ambitions of the people who had minus greated from the south. a lot of competition about whouz child would go to which school, catholic school, the school across the park. after i had gotten out and been a reporter for the times and talking to people around the country. i would go to chicago and cleveland and detroit and i would begin to hear there where similar migration experiences people had. they would talk to you about well this weekend, i have to go back to mississippi for a family reunion. >> give us a brief idea of what the book is about? >> the book is about the defection of 6 million african-americans from the south to the north, mid-west to the west. from 1915-1970 when the south began truly to change. >> i went to a movie last weekend. they handed me this as i went in. i'll read it to you. everyday more migrants are coming no the cities to seek a better life for t
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm PDT
, south korea and taiwan are among those who engage in tuna fishing in the pacific. roll nets, which capture large volumes of tuna, have been blamed for the drastic population drop. the petition came one day before an international conference opens in fukuoka, western japan, to discuss ways to manage tuna resources in public. japan and south korea will participate in the conference. >>> the he of the business community in western japan has called on the government to take additional steps to counter the yen's 15-year high against the u.s. dollar. the chairman of the kansai economic federation, hiroshi shimozuma made the appeal when he met the economy and trade minister masayuki naoshima in tokyo on monday. shim o sum ma said businesses in the kansai region maintained strong exports and imports until july but they have been severely affected by the sharp rise of the yen. the region comprises six prefectures including osaka and kyoto. he said more companies will have to transfer operations overseas if the yen gets stronger. he added that the government appears to lack a sense of crisis
Sep 30, 2010 4:30am EDT
on within these bands of thunderstorms. as we extend it south of f bug now. you see that near -- fredericksburg now. you see that? we are looking at the storm a totals here and the purple area, you can ' that on the northern neck. that is six inch plus rains there and the dark green in to calvert and st. mary's county and a little stretch from western fairfax, prince william, south of stafford those are two to three inch totals. we are an inch or so here. these are doppler estimates. we will get ground observations coming in and you can e-mail those if you go to and submit a storm report or go to person and post it there for me -- bernstein and post it there for me. switch it over to our tighten computer. , we will show you the rain we have been watching. the lightning and thunder down there. a little in the northern neck but right now not as much lightning. just moving northward to southern maryland. may see lightning and thunder with that. back to the weather computer one more time and show you the potential for rainfall. off t
Sep 30, 2010 12:00am PDT
of the great untold stories of american history, 6 million african-americans who fled the south for northern and western cities from 1915 until the 1970's. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. a federal appeals court has ruled u.s. corporations can no longer be sued for human rights violations abroad under the longstanding alien tort statute. and a little notice drilling thisonth, the second u.s. court of appeals ruled that alien tort claims can only be brought against individuals, not corporations. the ruling dismissed a lawsuit accusing the oil giant royal dutch shell of complicity in the murder and torture of nigerian activists including ken saro- wiwa. in a separate opinion, second circuit judge criticized the ruling writing -- a federal appeals court has issued a temporary order reinstating government funding for embryonic stem cell research. on tuesday, the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit issued a stay of a lower court injunction that blocked the obama administration's reversal
Sep 23, 2010 4:30pm PDT
on three of these. proposition 19, the legalization of marijuana both of these oppose the south. proposition 23 is implementing the air control quality. and also, proposition 25 that changed legislative recruit from two-thirds to a simple majority. whitman opposes it, brown supports it. and here is where meg whitman stands she supports proposition 20, to redistricting depression of districts in gaea's against 21, the card- license to keep a mission south supports compasses proposition 46with a two-thirds vote. and for the latest on all of the decision 2010. coverage. it just took to our website and we have set up a special section. now, a live look at traffic and san jose. this is the san jose 101 guadeloupe overpass. and the tropic headlights for northbound the traffic lights are northbound b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably
Sep 30, 2010 12:00pm EDT
of rain a tv hill alone. here is the doppler radar is showing moisture streaming up from the south. just to give you an idea of what is going on, it is a very narrow band of moisture. you can see that ocean city has been barely affected by this, with a few showers passing through the area. what is in a little bit on maryland alone. -- we want to zoom in a little bit on maryland alone. just show you the moisture streaming across the area. these individual cells that are moving through, some of the potential of producing strong, gusty winds. some of them have produced a thunderstorm warnings, even though we're not saying a lot of thunder or lightning and this at all. these are the areas where the most intense rain is falling. these don't spend a lot of time over any one area, but they do produce a brief downpours of heavy rain, and then you get numerous ones coming up. it is almost too fast to keep track of this stuff. earlier this morning we had a couple that had the potential for producing tornadic activity. all the echoes and signatures on in the clouds indicated that. we have had no re
Sep 3, 2010 11:35pm PDT
? we go inside one of the greatest barbecue shacks in the nation. a south carolina den of delicious, where people of every generation race and creed come together to chow down. >>> and, plastic fantastic. they're the little bricks with the big pull on our imagination. the colorful lego block. we go to denmark for the story of how lego built an empire brick by brick. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 3rd, 2010. >> good evening. we begin tonight with earl, the strongest storm to threaten new england since hurricane bob killed 18 in 1991. so far the damage has not been as bad as feared though the storm claimed at least one life off the coast of new jersey. now, earl is headed for massachusetts, where the governor warns that the threat to the bub lick, including beach goers in popular holiday spots on cape cod remains serious. linsey davis is live for us tonight on the cape. a very wet linsey davis. linsey? >> reporter: good evening, cynthia. it's times like these where r
Sep 15, 2010 6:00am PDT
the bay. there is a chance for rain in the forecast details south coming up. >> quiet start for the morning no problems or hot spots the back up is restricted to the /left hand-lanes. it is not unusual to see this at this hour. a complete text read ahead. >> top developing story the gas line explosion. federal investigators or on the scene right now governors schwarzenegger along with senator leland yee will tour the site. three people are still listed as missing at least four people were killed 37 homes destroyed. 19 homes were substantially damaged and remain unoccupied this morning. the 320 other homes have been cleared for families to return. authorities are searching for clues as to what caused the gas line to expose and what could be done to prevent such another disaster. >> will is live at san bruno. >> i'm in front of the command center. it feels like the day after the explosion with a lot of police officers here. they're making sure that unauthorized people do not go down the hill which is about half a mile from where i am located to the gas line exploded. it is all
Sep 10, 2010 10:00pm PDT
and that mid-market is not the dividing line between north and south. jennifer low: welcome back to district sf on sfgtv. this month we're at the asian art museum in the center of san francisco and the center of district 6. it's a wide area in the city, one that many people just drive through, with locked doors. but when we go inside mid-market, the tenderloin, and south of market, you'll see the reality is different from the reputation. we met district 6's supervisor, chris daly, while he was visiting residents of an sro hotel now managed by the city. the success at the mission hotel is one example, of halting decades of decline, in the very heart of san francisco. the story of what is now district 6, is just the most current chapter of center city's long history. charles fracchia: districts began in the gold rush and were pretty much a part of all the 19th century. with a few exceptions, you've cobbled together e bunch of neighborhoods, and so districts are largely pretty much disparate areas. they take in a whole variety of different kinds of neighborhoods. in district 6, you've got part of
Sep 29, 2010 4:00pm EDT
're tracking the rain all the way to cuba. you can see i the rain from the south all the way down to the cuba and florida straights. that will continue to effect the east coast and throughout the entire day tomorrow. because of the amounts of rain we're expecting, we'll have watches that will go into effect tomorrow. a flash flood watch for the area and in the southern portions of the bay, a high wind watch as well. it will be a nasty day. bernadette woods has more on the storm and how much rain we'll get. >>> well, this is the latest on nicole, the tropical storm became a tropical storm at 11:00. it's moving to the north, north east at 10:00 miles per hour. and it's skirting over the atlantic. you notice, it stops at this point. it's important, because, it doesnt' mean it won't effect us, it will just get extra tropical. the rain is still moving our way whether you see that spot or not. the flooding rains are a possibility and the winds will pick up as the center gets closer to the day tomorrow. in the region in here, over the appalachian to the bay, we'll see the heaviest of the rain. and t
Sep 16, 2010 6:00pm PDT
are about to talk about. south korea and the eu. >> it is destructive, even though it starts next year. the european union has reached a landmark agreement on a free- trade deal with south korea. a belgian foreign minister, whose country holds the eu presidency describe this as one bank of the most far reaching that the eu has negotiated. it will be agreed upon on october 6. >> a few final changes were made and an agreement was reached. european negotiators, especially negotiators from belgium, were pleased with the accord with south korea. >> this is the first of a generation of bilateral trade agreements. they combine europe and asia together in a closer economic bond. >> they addressed italy's concerns about its industry. fiat will get a few months to protect itself for competition. after the accord comes into effect on july 1 of next year, exporters will save 1.6 billion euros in south korean customs duties. the north koreans will face a $1.1 billion reduction in customs costs. >> it is a very big step. a very big step in opening markets in asia for our countries. this will create
Sep 7, 2010 5:30pm EDT
in place and ddiving the temperatures up from the south and that is what is helping usssee the temperatures in the lower 90's. let's get to hd radar and show you what is going on out there. bsolutely nothing. relatively quiet conditions. clear sky skies. -Ășnot a drop of rain anywhere. thhre are showers up to the northwest and hawaii but that won't quite get here any time soon. maybe to the northhof us a chance or a little sprinkle maybe to the south but i think the high pressure will continue to keep it to the west of us or south of us..% here's what is oinggon as farras the teeperatures. look at that. 91 in baltimore. hooking at 93 in dc. 91 hagerstown. western maryland where the 80's are at 81 degrees and eastern shore folks at 80 and 86 in salsbury so right along the i-95 corridor you see the 90's pretty much prevalent and looks like we start to see sheaves in the temperatures as we good through tte next day out there nice breeze from 8y to 15 to 17 miles per hour winds. that's the case into tomorrow also breezy and through and thht wiil be mavs dropping our temperatures th
Sep 30, 2010 5:30am EDT
to come up from that direction. we want to get you over to show you the lightning strikes from the south moving innouu direction at the hesapeake bay. that s where thh heaviest storms are going to e. as we get closer, let's cceck -ut where the rain is falling the -- well, let's look attthe beltway,,both belt ways from washington and up ttrough baltiiore. you can see the heaviest rain -own here in annapolis. in act, we get closer still, and let's get even downninto annapolis itself. you can see down there we re seeing the heavieet downpours. -f fact, the area that you see indicating the red and orannes out there, s much s an inch of rain has fallen in a lot of thoss locations. we get a widerrview now and den - look at where we have other %--et's see where we caa pop tht up or you. we look to the northeest where we have the heavier falling rai3 there. -e will show you what is gging on there. around the i-95 beltway from 695 you, can you see heavv rain north of aberdeen and seeing heavy rain and a lot of this activity is going to contiiue to move north and west.3 that is the gennral
Sep 28, 2010 12:18pm EDT
the rain with it. down to the south, we have tropical depression number 16. and this is going to make its way north eastward. it's going towards the east coast and there are a lot of questions with the track of it. and it could go to the west. one thing we're sure of, distance it connects, it will sling shoot it and we'll get a lot of rain of it and it could hold on to the formation and that will be something we can hold on to. >> so, putting that together, that front gets out of here and with the rain approaching to the south, thursdays, rounds of heavy rain and wind. this could be tropical storm nicole. it stays inland and we'll keep you upped on it. we have the chance for a shower and thunderstorm and otherwise, muggy and warm. 83 for the high and patchys dense fog possible and mixed clouds and sunshine for most of the day. the thing is, tomorrow night, the rain could move in and thursday, it will be a stormny day. and a lot of wind and rain. if it moves further inland, we'll get the rain. stays out to see and we could have a tropical depression. we'll keep updated on that. >>> thank y
Sep 6, 2010 4:30am EDT
in newland 57. upper 60s by 9:00. upper 70s to near 80 at noon and we will say the 5:00 hour today. south winds five to ten. a picture perfect forecast for your holiday. how about the traffic? anything going on? >> one incident to talk about in the district. it's an accident investigation in northwest dc and new hampshire and missouri avenue. it will be closed for a while this morning. we will keep an eye on that. 270 is all clear. frederick all the way to the split. moving to 86 eastbound no problems here from manassas all the way to the beltway. 395 northbound going to the district no problems there. that is a clear commute for drivers and then finally inbound new york no problems from the times building to the third street tunnel. >>> prince georges county police are investigating a rash of strong armed robberies. the victims all university of maryland students. they are being mugged by several people near the college park campus. surae chinn reports walking at night in a group is no guarantee you will be safe. >> it's scary. it really is. but it is something you have to keep an eye ou
Sep 26, 2010 11:00pm EDT
of african-americans from the south between 1915 and 1970. it is entitled "the wharf of other sounds -- the warmth of other suns." >> isabel wilkerson, author of "the warmth of other suns," do you remember the moment when you started thinking about doing this? >> i can't say what the moment was, because i've been living it all my life. my parents migrated from the south to washington, d.c. -- my mother from georgia and my father from southern virginia. and washington is where they met, married and then had me. so, without the great migration, i wouldn't be here. i don't know who you'd be talking to. so, i've lived with it all my life. i grew up with people from north carolina, south carolina, georgia -- all around me in the neighborhood where i grew up. and i was surrounded by the language, the food, the music, the ambitions, too, of the people who had migrated from the south. a lot of competition about who's child would go to which school, catholic school, the school across the park. so, it's been with me all this time. but i think that, when it comes to the actual writing of a book
Sep 27, 2010 6:00am EDT
are walking from the pentagon's visitors entrance on the south side that's when you have to watch out. metro customers will no longer have access to the left center walkway near the station's south escalators, which lead to that visitors entrance. the walkway is only accessible to pentagon pass holders. it is an issue on mornings like this one where it is raining. it is the only covered walkway on the south side. the defense department plans to build a temporary canopy next monday. until then pedestrians will be directed to the north side escalators during bad weather. of course we have a little bad weather this morning. so, if you are heading to the pentagon metro station you want to take that detour to use the covered canopy. the good news is if i sound like i'm talk atlantic gibberish and you have to idea what i'm talking about, don't worry, metro has posted signs in the metro station to direct people as to what they need to do because of the changes. and you will have to go ahead and get used to them. they will likely stay in affect until 2012. the department of defense is working on bui
Sep 30, 2010 5:00am EDT
streaming in from the south. low pressure coming out of south carolina already produced upwards of 20 inches of rain in eastern north carolina. obviously flooding is going on there. this will be with us for the day. maybe lessening later in the afternoon. you can see how the moisture continues to stream north. look at those deep oranges. the deep tropical rich moisture moving north. with that and a storm tracking to this west. a tornado watch until 7 a.m. this is a short lived one. i imagine this will be replaced after 7 a.m. and basically everyone east of 95 including washington, much of howard county, eastern montgomery, down to the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore. tornado watch until 7 a.m. and as far as the flood watch, we have the flood watch until 9:00. the counties in green, which is the entire metro, southern maryland down to fredericksburg out to loudoun, eastern faulkier, prince william, manassas city, fairfax, that is a flood warning. through 9:00 p.m., a flood watch. the flood warnings go until 10:45 this morning. and as far as our rainfall projections potential a
Sep 1, 2010 4:30am PDT
. for today mainly in the south bay where we find the poor air quality and just barely over the threshold. it will be 101. time it will move to the east bay and that's where we'll have the spare the air tomorrow, in the east bay and also the south bay. temperatures, wow! is it getting hot. look at these 90s through most of the north bay, fremont into the south bay. we have low to mid-80s around san francisco, richmond, oakland, palo alto, santa cruz and even san mateo. it will be warm at the coast with 74 at half moon bay. in fact, it will be sunny everywhere and warm today and again tomorrow. as we look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will peak tomorrow and then the cooling hits the coast on friday, moves into the bay saturday and really hits our inland neighborhoods by sunday and into monday and tuesday we'll probably have our coolest days with temperatures about 20 degrees cooler inland than today and tomorrow and about 15 around the bay and about 10 to 15 also along the coast. so quite a roller-coaster ride through the holiday weekend. good morning, megan. how's
Sep 28, 2010 12:00pm EDT
. there's blue sky to the south and east. marty bass is in the out back and bernadette woods in the weather center. >>> it's a turbulent atmosphere now. we're wrapping up the storms and the rain. we can show you, there are some out there. we'll take you back in time. notice here, that's the clock. these are when the storms started to do damage on the eastern shore. coming from the south, that's when we had the tornado warning and that's pushing from the north east. we have a few warnings around and that's through aberdeen and we have a few showers still. this is going to wind down. we could have another shower or thunderstorm. it will be a warm, muggy atmosphere and the temperatures will rise. we have coastal floods in effect for another high tide cycle because of water along the coastlines. for more, we'll go to marty. >>> well, good afternoon, everyone. i guarantee you that's not the last time we'll use the graphic this week. let me show you why. we'll go to the tropics. south of cuba, this is a tropical depression, it could get the name nicole and skirt across florida and
Sep 30, 2010 4:00am EDT
, maybe longer, especially south and east of town where the rains have been yesterday. some totals there are in the inches category and we are starting to see it move in. look at this flow of moisture. there's a little area of low pressure responsible for this coming past charleston in to northeastern south carolina and a ton of moisture. this stream of moisture goes through the bahamas, 800 miles long train of tropical moisture and it is right on top of us right now. we want switch it over to live doppler 9000 hd. devon lucie is driving the controls this morning. you can see the rain falling in the area. the yellow and orange areas are really coming down. some one to two inches an hour and everything is lifting to the north at 20 miles an hour. the heavy stuff to the east across eastern prince georges, calvert counties, as well. this is coming from southern maryland where they have really been hit hard. another area of moderate rainfall to the north through montgomery county, loudoun county and lifting to frederick and carroll counties on i-70. a lot of rain out there. as we zoom
Sep 27, 2010 12:00pm CDT
deadly consequences for peoples in the middle east and in south america. >> reporter: moore and -- maureen murphy says they planned demonstrations to protest these raids in 20 cities nationwide. that is today and tomorrow. once again the chicago demonstration scheduled to begin here outside of chicago fbi headquarters at 4:30 this afternoon. on the west side, judy wang, wgn news. >>> nato forces have launched a rare air strike into pakistan this morning killing more than 50 insurgence. nato says that their troops came under fire near the pakistan border with afghanistan so helicopters were called in to fire on the militants. the attacks come after international forces launched operation dragon strike. a joint push with afghan troops to rid the kandahar area of insurgence. troops are destroying taliban hiding spots. setting off heavy fighting in the area. >>> funeral services will be held later today for an illinois soldier killed in afghanistan last week. 25-year-old staff sergeant joshua powell of pleasant plains was one of five soldiers killed in the helicopter crash tuesd
Sep 29, 2010 12:00pm EDT
the beginning. we'll switch it over and show you the latest statistics on nicole. the senor is to the south and ahead of it, that's connected with this. take a look at the track, the winds are up to 40 miles per hour and it's moving to the north east. and it will probably gain more strength at this point. and the track ends. and this is by the national hurricane center. they think it will lose its characteristics. en and don't get hung up on the name. it will have more impact throughout the next day. >>> well, the thank you, bern and good afternoon, everyone. you spoke correctly, don't get hung up on the name and the track. en we'll show you why. we know that the energy is nicole. if your house is destroyed, is it a tornado or a wind sheer, it doesn't matter, it's the same type of storm and that's what's heading our way. we'll see the coastal gusts and 35, up to 40 miles per hour here. we'll have over the next 36 hours the potential of five inches of rain. taking a look at the watches and warnings. this backs up what bernadette said. and every county in maryland is under some kind of a watc
Sep 1, 2010 4:30am EDT
the eastern seaboard. evacuations are underway for n.c.'s order banks in north carolina and south carolina they are bracing. the hurricane could reach 200 miles off of virginia beach, enough to produce minor flooding, have the wind, and a possible storm surge. forecasters don't believe it will make direct landfall. it is supposed to approach early friday. by saturday it should reach new england, where it is more likely to have a direct impact on places like cape cod. courtney robinson reporting. >> you can track girl any time onto president obama announced an end to the u.s. involvement in iraq or anti pay tribute to the u.s. men and women fighters and said it's time to turn the page. >> the president's bill, does president bush used in 2003 to declare war on iraq and the incidents over -- and then president obama has now said it is over. >> the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> it was not mission accomplished, but the suggestion of a promise fulfilled. >> this was my pledge to the american people was a candidate to this office. last february i announced a p
Sep 10, 2010 6:00pm PDT
that residents reported smelling gas days before the explosion. >>> if europe has its way, we will see more south korean cars on the road. >> europe could sign a huge trade deal with south korea as soon as next monday, this despite a hold up from italy, on fears that it will hurt the country's automobile industry. european union officials expect to fine-tune the deal this weekend to ease italy's worries. it would wipe out millions in duties between the eu and south korea. >> resistance to the agreement is coming primarily from italy's car industry, which fears that south korea could easily flood the market and overwhelm local carmakers. but the italians are isolated, and the e.u. is certain they will come on board. >> the commission is saying we are confident this will not be agreed today, but it is the biggest single free-trade agreement the european union has concluded with any country anywhere and they're desperate to get it done and they think will be signed by all 27 countries in october at a special summit in brussels. >> companies are looking forward to a major boost from the free- trade a
Sep 8, 2010 11:00am PDT
clara officials set to take another big step to bring the san francisco 49ers to the south bay. santa clara city planner expected to approve zoning changes needed to build the stadium next to the great american theme park. design plans for the $937 million facility is also expected to be approved. santa clara voters okayed the deal in june. now city leaders need to finalizes the details so the team can line up financing for construction. if all goes as planned, the team would open the 2014 season in the south bay. a's owner lou wolf is moving forward with plans to build a new ballpark in the south bay. he's hired an architect to design the park in downtown san jose even though major league baseball has not approved the deal. oakland proposed three stadium sites. >> some good news today for three richmond schools. the city council voted unanimously last night to spend $100 million to keep kennedy high school and two elementary schools open through the 2011 0 2011-2012 school year. the council did have a warning for the school board. >> they have to get their act together. we can no lo
Sep 21, 2010 4:30am PDT
. in south san jose, sheriff deputies and offering a warning along jogging trails. a woman jogging alone, a trail on snow road, the attacker pushed a woman into an ak -- aqueduct and then tried to sexually assault her. they're trying to determine if he was responsible for a sexual assault in mid-december in morgan hill. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl in castro valley on her way to school. investigators released this sketch of the suspect. take a look. they say the 40-year-old man with short hair and a goatee was driving a dark red or maroon sedan when he tried repeatedly to make the girl get into his car as she walked to canyon middle school friday morning. the girl refused and reported the incident when she got to school. vallejo police have arrested a man in connection with the beating death of a woman they believe was his ex-girlfriend. the woman's body was found inside a blood-covered car yesterday after the suspect drove to a coworker's apartment complex in american canyon. police arrested 33-year-old richie kapute
Sep 19, 2010 11:00am PDT
of problems with that. >> in rome, the italian minister for regional affairs has told the south eta residents -- the south tyrol people to use different sign posts. it is belligerent statement is guaranteed to rob people the wrong way. south tyrol has not come to terms with its past. the release of mussolini on the local finance building it is seen as another case of italian arrogance. this person sits in the local parliament for prime minister silvio berlusconi's parliament. he is not comfortable with the debate surrounding the signposts. >> this has been in italy almost 100 years. i don't say this is italy, like they used to, but we are also italian perry fighting is right, but every group has a right to their place names. >> this is the popular head of the local government. he has been running the province 20 years. south tyrol's economy as a lot healthier than it is elsewhere. >> i don't feel like i have to obey the orders. i am a freely elected representative, the head of the south tyrol government, and i have to represent the interests of this region. it is also about cultur values. pla
Sep 25, 2010 4:30pm PDT
at the ballpark now. as you move south along second, that whole area, you get into rock. many of these old warehouse buildings, as you approach rincon hill, are sitting on rock. if you go down to king street, which is the street that fronts the ballpark, if you cross the street from the ballpark and the look on the sidewalk, there is actually a little brass plates that depict the location of the bluff that existed, the transition from the beach to the vertical cliffs that existed at second street. at second and king. all of that was taken down, and they have built warehouses. now at his condominium developments. and portions of mission bay. the first building of mission bay, third and townsend -- i am sorry, third and king, it is a rock site. if you go further into mission bay, it goes from rock to week bay mud. -- weak bay mud. this is on the folsom? >> the old wonder bread bakery. a little bit higher up. >> that particular building, if you look closely, the rock has actually receded back because of rockfalls. it was too expensive to put in foundations, so the foundation for that building
Sep 14, 2010 5:30pm EDT
a man is shot and killed in south east baltimore. police were called to the scene at hall berth avenue and cape found a 30-year-old man shotey in the chest. he was pronounced dead at hopkins bay view. 2 people were shot in west baltimore. it happened at 9 p.m. monday at west saratoga and north sproous streett man shot and woman grazed by a bullet apparently after an argument. man was taken to theehospital wwth gunshot wounns in the chest and arm. no word on the sues pest in the hooting. >> baltimore police officer is arrested after bar fight in south west baltimore. happened in the pprking lot of club reality around 1:30 monday morning. investigators say officer refuse receipt walker got into a fight after a woman punched him in the face. walker was arrested and charged with assault and behavior that upped minds the integrity of ttis agency, men and women of the pd work too hard. this type of behavior is unacceptable. >>reporrer: walker is alreaay suspended for an inciddnt last year. he was not wearing his badge or his weapon at the -Ăștime oo this incident. >>> primary day
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